Nick Bero

Currently a research technician with Francisco Arriaga

M.S. Soil Science 2012

Thesis: “Controlled release fertilizer effect on groundwater nitrate concentration in sandy soils under vegetable production.” What this means is that I have spent the last two summers at Hancock Agricultural Research station growing potatoes and corn with conventional and controlled release fertilizers, then spent many days sampling groundwater from the wells in those research fields. Agriculture in the central sands has the potential to affect groundwater due the highly permeable soils that are in the area. My research will benefit growers and consumers alike, allowing the prior to maintain the production of their crops while limiting their impact on the groundwater that is the source of drinking water for people in the area.

I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin Madison from 1997-2002 and received my degree in Geology and Geophysics.After graduation, I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and worked at Edgewood Greenhouses, a local wholesale ornamental grower. Working at the greenhouse gave me substantial experience understanding plant growth and nutrition that furthered my respect and passion for the environment and conservation. I would like to continue to work with groundwater quality when I complete by research. In my free time I enjoy golfing, playing softball, reading, and watching politics.