Kalyn Diederich

Kalyn Diederich joined the Ruark Lab team in May of 2016 immediately after her graduation from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. At CSU, Kalyn studied Soil and Crop Sciences with a minor in organic agriculture. At UW-Madison, she plans to continue pursuing her love for soil science and sustainable agriculture by attaining a joint M.S. degree in Agroecology and Soil Science. Her research will investigate the changes in labile carbon and nitrogen pools with regard to temporal dynamics and management strategies at the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping System Trial in Leeds, Wisconsin. She hopes that her research will further guide farmers towards sound and sustainable management practices by providing a better understanding of soil nitrogen and carbon dynamics throughout the growing season.


When not in the lab, you can find her hiking, walking her dog, gardening, cooking, or enjoying a personal narrative written by an admired scientist. Her experience with international travel, farming and working with children has inspired her to join the team of agricultural scientists who are trying to find innovative ways to feed our growing global population. Kalyn is extremely passionate about global food security and soil health; specifically speaking, how soil health can be utilized to combat global climate change. Going forward, she hopes to attain her Ph.D. in soil science and extend her research into developing regions such as areas in Africa and South America.