Allison Madison

Environment and Resources, MS

Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expected Graduation Date: May 2011

Educational Background:

Chemistry and Environmental Studies, BA; St. Olaf College (2007)

Environmental Education Graduate Certificate; University of MN-Duluth (2008)

Wilderness First Responder; SOLO Wilderness and Emergency Medicine School (2009)

Research Information:

Thesis Title: Characterizing Phosphorus Dynamics in Tile-drained Agroecosystems to Reduce Phosphorus Export

Accelerated eutrophication of Wisconsin’s freshwater lakes and streams is primarily an effect of non-point source agricultural phosphorus additions. With interests in nutrient cycling and the health of native ecosystems, I’m researching pathways of phosphorus transport and export from agricultural fields. My goal is to model P-loss from tile drains so these losses can be incorporated into the Wisconsin Phosphorus Index and our best science can be used to inform public policy. My study sites are several UWEX-Discovery Farm fields.

Allison Madison

Allison Madison

Personal Information:

I am a child of rural Wisconsin. I have wandered, and continue to wander, through her rivers and lakes, forests and fields. The natural beauty of my home state is something I cherish and wish to preserve. I enjoy playing in the woods and water whether that play is labeled hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, rock-climbing, etc.


My career goal is to be an educator. I aspire to teach natural science and environmental education. I plan on applying inquiry- and community-based learning principles to open my students up to the world around them. Developing a sense of place and forging real connections are vital to the formation of a conservation ethic. I hope to inspire that in many of my students. My graduate research experience will enrich and validate what I can offer my students.